Gaash Orot – Lighting Poles

Gaash Orot Industries Ltd. of the El-Mor Group is a veteran company in the field of manufacturing and marketing lighting poles, as well as other steel products.

The Company is a leader in the field of manufacturing lighting poles of all types and all heights, including standard lighting poles and stylized and special lighting poles developed by the Company, or manufactured at the request of architects and electrical consultants. The Company has extensive experience in manufacturing steel constructions and products for various purposes, and specializes in the manufacture of billboards, waste dumpers, and so on. Our team of workers has extensive knowledge in the field of metalworking, acquired in Israel and abroad.

The Company’s engineering department provides technical support, including engineering assistance for customers, guiding the manufacturing process and controlling the manufacturing and QA processes.

We also market unique products:

  1. High masts used for antennas, stadium lighting, parking garage lighting, etc.
  2. Anti-corrosive poles – can be placed where there are adverse weather conditions, e.g., along the coast (near salt water). Warranty is given against rust and for long-term paint durability.
  3. Lighting fixtures
  4. Anchor bolts for poles

The Company’s customers include:

  1. Government ministries: the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Construction and Housing
  2. Municipalities and local authorities, including the Jerusalem Municipality, the Tel Aviv Municipality, and others
  3. Israel’s largest contracting companies

Company website

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