Ground-based solar plants

Large-scale solar installations – the company has built numerous ground-mounted solar installations connected to the electric grid, including:

  • Oasis installation near Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh – 60 MWp
  • Zemorot installation – 50 MWp
  • Ketora installation – 40 MWp

Reservoir-based solar plants

Installation of floating solar systems on reservoirs or reservoir embankments.

Systems installed on water reservoirs have many advantages, including:

  • Up to 30% reduction in water evaporation
  • Increased accessibility to areas on the body of water
  • Cooler ambient temperature above the water
  • More effective and cost-efficient panel cooling and dust cleansing
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Relatively simple installation

Net metering installations

Net metering regulation allows all electricity consumers to reduce their electricity costs by using a solar installation.

The regulation’s advantages:

  • Reduction/resetting electricity bills by constructing a solar system for self-consumption and offset with the electric company.
  • Double-digit returns on investment
  • Generation of green, environmentally-friendly electricity
  • Protection against hikes in electricity prices
  • Suitable for: Rooftop owners (storage and industrial buildings, agricultural buildings) with over 2,000 sqm roof available; owners of land designated for industry; consumers of electricity at EDM (Energy Demand Management) rate.

Rate regulation for small roofs (up to 100 KW)

To meet its objectives, the Electricity Authority published (September 2018) a new rate regulation with a quota of 300 MW in two different tracks.

Rate regulation enables the sale of all electricity generated by solar to the electric company at a preset rate.

According to the new regulation, electricity generated by the system and consumed by the owner will offset the electricity bill (similar to net metering). Electricity surplus is purchased by the grid manager at a regular, predetermined price.

  1. Rate regulation for small installations of up to 15 KW at a rate of NIS 0.48 per kWh
  2. Rate regulation for mid-size installations of 15 to 100 KW at a rate of NIS 0.45 per kWh

The rate is for 25 years.

This regulation is suited to owners of roofs of up to 1,000 sqm with relatively low self-consumption for the roof area.